Diversified Design Build

diversified-design-buildWhat does design build mean?  It has many varied definitions in the contracting world. From the owner designed, to contractor designed and built. This is our interpatation.

We look at our customers as long term clients, and people we will, or already are, friends with. Our relationship goes well beyond just building you a space. We will be there in 2 years when you expand, we will be there in 10 when you move buildings. We see you or talk with you every month for service, upgrades, and advice. Whatever we  (You and Diversified) build together is something we will both be responsible for. So when the need to double the power comes. That process is simple and projected. Not necessitating the shutdown of the site or complete removal of all the infrastructure already installed. That is why we are so successful, and have so many referrals.  We care, and really like what we do. We are as proud of what we build as you are, to show it off and use it.